Since the 2016 election, the political climate of our IRL sick, sad world has been on our minds 24/7; it's been hard to find a release. Join us as we channel our favorite 90's protagonist, the sharp-witted girl who was bold enough to say what we all were thinking, and revisit the hilarious, and ahead-of-its-time "Daria" universe. In "Sicker, Sadder World" we will relive the nostalgia and messiness of high school, while exploring themes from the show that still resonate today

the hosts


hosted and produced by Brittany Ashley & Laura Zak


Brittany Ashley hails from Chicago where she studied American Literature at University of Illinois - Chicago, sketch comedy writing at Second City and cried at an open mic. Now based in Los Angeles, she's most well-known for video content she created while at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. Most notably, writing/starring in a period comedy called “Lesbian Princess” and writing/starring in viral short films about topics like abortion and emotional abuse. Now, focusing on longer-form content, Brittany is an emerging screenwriter with passion for writing stories that center the queer female voice. She’s currently in development for her first feature. 

Follow Brittany on Twitter @britt27ash and on Instagram @britt27ash.

Laura Zak is a writer, actor, producer, and activist. She is the co-creator and co-writer of the Emmy-nominated and Gotham Award-winning series Her Story, and currently works on Amazon's upcoming animated series Danger & Eggs. Laura also co-created and starred in the web series #Hashtag, which was identified by Indiewire as a potential “next Broad City'. Laura's work can be seen in various films, series, and music videos, including in the upcoming films Spunkle and Foxy Trot. Laura grew up in New Hampshire, studied journalism at Boston University, creative writing at Northwestern University, and the Great Books at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She lives in Los Angeles with her dogs Gus and Dog Laura.

Follow Laura on Twitter at @la_wa and on Instagram at @laurazak.


The Sicker Sadder World logo was created by Evan Palmer.

The cover of the "Daria" theme song was created and performed by Mindy Jones

"Quinn the Feminist" segments are contributed by Gaby Dunn. Check out her podcast Bad With Money.